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  Electromechanical products including wire finish rolling stands、bar mill is the cutting edge product of Hafei Industry. Its products took a world advanced and Chinese leading technical position, won the award for science and technology advancement, and had the largest market share in China. Its 110m/s apex 45。wire finish rolling stands has all the advantages of this kind of equipment, and bar mill stand also has excellent quality. They earned Hafei Industry the honors of “excellent Chinese producer of high-speed wire rolling stands”、“national technology progress prize Ⅱ”.And Hafei Industry created the history of exporting the national matellurigy equipment for the first time. In 2006, Hafei established a long coroperation with Italia SMS company.

  Hafei Industry produced the first snow maker snow-dragon in China. It was moved to the market and sold very well, and exported in quantity to russia. It won favorable comments from customers for its excellent quality, and it is the Chinese-made snow maker which could substitute the imported ones.


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