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  Hafei Industry is a state hi-tech enterprise, and it grew out of Harbin Hafei Electromechanical Products Manufacturing Co. Ltd., one of three major subsidiaris of Hafei Group.

  Hafei Industry has formed a high-class aviation products manufacturing system in the past half a century, and made its due contributions to the development of aircraft of china. Since 1980, it has been doing the development of commercial products based on existing aviation equipment. In 2006, Hafei Industry started its independent operation as a modern group, and entered its new stage of development.

  Hafei Industry’s technical center is part of the national technical center of Hafei Group, and has 4 R&D organizations for metallurgical equipment, aircraft products and tooling, forgings and castings, and wind turbines. They have more than 200 professionals and a lot of sophisticated design means. In the past years, they have designed a large number of high performance products in series and granted a number of state patents.

  Hafei Industry has got the certifications of quality and management system such as ISO9000、ISO/TS16949 etc., and also the certifications of national safty quality standardization GB/T24001、GB/T28001。The effects of control system and rigorous testing of products have promoted the development of Hafei Industry better and ensured that excellent products and sevice were supplied.

  Hafei Industry has more than ten branches and professional departments. It has more than 1000 units or sets of equipment such as CNC 5-Axis Machining Center、CNC gantry milling machine、8000 ton hydraulic press for producing and testing. It also has a very strong production capacity and is mainly specialized in aircraft products、electromechanical equipment、forgings and castings、auto parts、wind turbines and auto trading.

  Hafei Industry started a new period of development after the reformation and the test of market. Facing both chances and challenges, Hafei Industry will keep the enterprise concepts and the excellent traditions of working hard to created a modern company group.

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